Chromecast IPTV with IP Television

IP Television allows you to watch your IPTV playlist even with Chromecast devices. Remove any doubts about how it works by reading this post.
IP Television and Chromecast

P Television was the first app in the world to allow streaming of IPTV Playlists via Chromecast .
As many of you know, the video stream generated by an M3U playlist is not compatible with Apple devices.

The IP Television programming team managed to get around the problem and also managed to allow the streaming of the IPTV stream even with the application in background mode.

Many users have contacted us with some questions related to the inability to stream to Chromecast.

To clarify this problem, it is necessary to explain that there are two indispensable requirements for the correct functioning of the application and Chromecast:

  • The Google Chromecast device must be original
  • The Chromecast device and your device must be in the same network (see below: “How do I know if I am in the same network?”)

With this information and with the correct Chromecast streaming conversion quality settings (to improve your video stream), you will be able to enjoy the full potential of IP Television and IPTV playlist streaming with Chromecast.

IP Television Setting: Chromecast conversion quality and network caching level

How do I know if I am in the same network?

To understand if two devices are in the same network, you need to know the main IP address (generally of the router or server). Once this data has been acquired, check if the first three blocks of numbers (separated by a period, eg 192.168.0.) Match. If these numbers are the same you are in the same network, alternatively you are on two different network classes.

Ex. 1 – Device in the same network

Main IP address:
Address of your device (e.g. telephone):
Address of your Chromecast device:

Ex. 2 – Devices in two different networks

Main IP address:
Address of your device (e.g. telephone): <DIFFERENT NETWORK
Address of your Chromecast device: 192.168.0.

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