Apple TV Mockup - tvOS

IP Television for tvOS update version 3.8.0

The fastest, most beautiful and functional interface for your IPTV on your AppleTV. Discover it now.

🆕 New TV Series and Movies Interface

Discover the beautiful new display of your TV series and movies.
From today we have created exciting covers that preview all the main information provided by IMDb. It has also become much more immediate to navigate between the episodes of the TV series that are divided by season, in a horizontal menu.

IP Television for AppleTV, new interface

♥️ Favourite programs

New “favorite programs” function. With your Apple TV remote you can turn the option on or off. Long press the button on the remote control to assign a channel to your favorites.

Adding a TV series or movie to your favorites has never been easier.

The new “favorite programs” function allows you to enter all the TV channels, series or movies you watch most often in a special section of the app.

The function is particularly useful for TV series.

How to bookmark channels on AppleTV

With the remote control of your Apple TV you can activate or deactivate the favorites option.
Place the focus of the remote control on the channel you want to make “favorite”, long press the “Touch Surface” button on the remote control, a window will appear that allows you to assign a channel to your favorites.

And more change….

  • New search engine
  • New interface for TV series
  • New interface for your Movies

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