Xtream-Codes playlists

Xtream-Codes playlists are authenticated channel lists, very popular with IPTV. IP Television is perfectly compatible with such playlists.
IP Television and XtreamCodes

The services Xtream codes are authenticated channel lists, widespread with IPTV.

The service can be released with URLs, to make life easier for customers, but restricting the potential or with a server address, a port, a username and a password.


When they are released as a single URL they are structured this way.




The best way to use them in your application, taking advantage of all the benefits *, you have to enter in the view “Xtream codes” and use the data you see in bold, relative to your URL:

URL: http://your.url.address:NUMBER




The advantages of using lists Xtream codes, loaded from the special view, only the display of Picons (Icons of channels) and use the EPG (if provided within the list)

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